Sea Coast Window & Door can get you an instant quote for any of your hurricane and impact resistant window and door needs!

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What can you expect to pay for Vinyl Impact Energy Star Windows?

Many comanies and "Big Box Stiores"  ulilize in-home demonstrations and "high pressure sales techniques  along with in- home financing to solicit your business for Energy Saving Vinyl Impact Windows & Doors.

There is nothing wrong with this method and there is certainly nothing wrong with the product line they are attempting to sell. In fact the quality of the products for the most part are excellent and they certainly meet todays demands for High Energy Efficiency .

However, these demonstrations come with a steep price and a offer to "buy now" and receive  a great discount or wait a couple days and get another "final" price....Truth is,.... it's not so great a price.

The TRUTH is you're paying for their massive advertising budget.

If you have a quote from any of these "in-home" solicitations Sea Coast Window & Door can pretty much beat any of these prices by as much as 15 - 33%.

We have a modern and up-to-date showroom and can demonstrate the same products, features & benefits and energy savings.....  and of course ...... you're free to get up & leave at any time you think we're wasting your time.

Bring us your quote and let us show you how to Save ENERGY and MONEY. 

We're an old fashioned company without all the hoopla and high pressure... Just the FACTS  and GOOD OLD FASHIONED SERVICE & COMMITMENT.

Give us a try.