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CWS - Custom Window Systems

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WE will BEAT any quote from any "Big Box" Store or any "In-Home" Sales Presentation such as FHIA.

CWS   -  CUSTOM WINDOW SYSTEMS ( WindPact Plus Large Missle Impact Windows)

Increased Energy Efficiency - All CWS vinyl impact windows are AAMA and NFRC certified, and are compliant with ENERGY STAR and Green Building standards when ordered with LoE 366 Cardinal Glass.

CWS Windows & Doors are tested to Miami-Dade County , Florida and ASTM specifications and are HVHZ APPROVED ON ALL PRODUCTS.

UV Ray Protection ... Decrease heat gain in your home from direct sunlight ... laminated IG blocks 99.7% of UV rays. ...... Protects hardwood floors , furniture and textiles from fading.

Helps control overall comfort & temperature levels year round.

Lessens energy costs from air conditioning.

SAFETY AND SECURITY ...Safety from flying glass & debris ...Forded entry resistance keeps intruders out ....Laminated glass is on the inside of the house protecting your home and family from sharp and dangerous pieces of glass.

NOISE REDUCTION ... High STC ratings  ... 33 to 37

Laminated insulated glass reduces exterior sounds. ... vinyl frames absorb sound.

REDUCED INSURANCE RATES ... Some insurance companies are requiring impact windows. Some are also orrering discounted rates for homes with impact windows.

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