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Plaza Door

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Features of PLAZA DOORS .................

Roller Assembly ..designed by Plaza... structual grade aluminum alloy with stainless steel axel pins, ball bearings,and adjusting screw, the large diameter wheel is molded of high density DERLIN compound for durability... Derlin is a natrally libricating material and does not wear away the heavy anodized finish applied to the track. A tandem roller assembly is included on all TITAN Series units.

Four Point Weather Sealing  - Double Pile & Bulb Vinyl ...... Plaza seals twice at every jamb, door astragal and interlock meeting condition.

Track Drainage .. Built-in "Weep" drainage system..... Discharge pans are hidden underneath the track.The force of the water rolling off the doors pushes the water into corresponding "weep" holes that allow water to find its way off the track and away from the door sill.

Deadbolt Security Locks ...... no more broomsticks in the tracks ...... lever operated extension flushbolts provide positive dependable security.

The Plaza Screen Doors ..... Plaza uses the same heavy duty extrusions, same roller assembly and same lock system as the Plaza Door itself.

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