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We will BEAT any quote from any of the "BIG BOX" stores or "In-home" sales presentations such as FHIA.

We offer YGRENE / P A C E  Financing  ... No Money Down ... 100% Financing Available.  Call us to get Qualified.  

Browse our collection of informational PDFs. All broken down by category & easy to find....All hurricane rated, impact resistant Windows & Doors in Vinyl or Aluminum.

.  Sea Coast Window & Door provides a variety of selections available from some of the best impact window and door manufacturers that exist.

All styles and types of Impact Resistant Windows, Front Doors, Entry Doors, Speciality Doors, Entryways, Bevel Glass Doors, Etched Glass Doors, Fiberglass Doors, Steel Doors, Iron Doors

Vinyl Impact Windows & Doors

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We carry four major brands of Impact Resistant Vinyl Windows....The most popular is CWS Windpact (custom window systems). PGT Windguard Vinyl Impact Resistant Windows, Eastern Architectural ERTHA Series Vinyl Windows & Doors.

Vinyl Impact Windows are impervious to salt and the salt-air corrosive enviroment of Florida. Actually, one of the main ingredients of vinyl is salt.

Most vinyl windows are available in White, Bronze, Adobe, Bronze / Bronze, Bronze / Adobe,  Bronze / White, Silver Anodized. 

Florida Window & Door code specifications in South Florida fall into a catagory known as H.V.H.Z. (High Velocity Hurricane Zone)

CWS Windows are also referred to as Custom Window Systems and in some areas are refererred to as energy storm saver , energy star windows, triple glazed windows or insulated / laminated windows with Argon Gas fill.

We highly recommend Cardinal LowE 366 Glass. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, LowE Glass can reduce air conditioning expense by 25 - 35%.

Sound Transmission is also significantly reduced with an STC rating of 33

All CWS Windows & Doors carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Aluminum Impact Windows & Doors

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CWS , our most popular vinyl window line also manufactures an aluminum line of IMPACT windows called the  ICON Series Window . This is a price conscious series that competes pricewise with PGT Aluminum Windows as well as ECO Aluminum Windows and  ES Windows .

The ECO , PGT and ES  Brands of  Windows & Doors are pretty much all CLONES of each other.  We highly recommend the CWS  ICON Series over the others. Visit our SHOWROOM to see these in person.

ETI (Eurotech Industries Inc.) European Design & Quality without the high cost of importing from Europe.

In our opinion, ETI Horizontal Sliding Windows are the best aluminum sliding windows available.

Maximun size  X X Unit is 74"  x  72" Series 750

Maximun size  XX Unit is 92" X 64"  Series 1100

Maximum size  XOX is 111"  x  72".Series 750

Maximum size XOX is 128" X 64" Series 1100

ETI Single Hung Maximun size is 60'X 96"

ETI  French Door Single is 42"  X  96"

EGS International  ... Heavy duty Sliding Glass Doors with a minimum extrusion thickness of .125" on every part. If you want Max Strength for Mid-Rise Condos or just heavy duty residential strength ....., check out these sliding glass doors. .

PLAZA DOOR  often referred to as the Cadillac of sliding doors. 

AIR MASTER Windows & Doors  .... IN STOCK - DELIVERY IN LESS THAN A WEEK on standard sizes .. full view or colonial ... white aluminum, grey tint impact glass ...  Single Hung Windows ... Sliding Glass Doors ..... Outswing French Doors with multi-point locking hardware..... see catalog for standard sizes.

All AIR MASTER products are supplied  with Stainless Steel hinges,  door hardware and roller assemblies., 

Export Windows & Doors - Non Impact & Impact

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Sea Coast Window & Door llc can arrange for export of most of the products shown on our website.

We are especially able to arrange for export of our Air Master Brand of Impact & Non-Impact Windows & Doors.

Air Master is a premier window & door supplier for the Caribbean as well as the State of Florida.. 

Wood Impact Doors

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The finest hurricane rated Wood Entryway is SIGNATURE DOOR

All Signature Doors are Miami-Dade approved.They manufacture their own decorative glass and can even customize glass to your own design.

Door heights from 80" to 120" with additional transoms.

A vatiety of wood species, multi-point locking hardware, and factory pre-finishing is available.

Signature Door can do it all.

Fiberglass Impact Doors

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Any glass panel or glass insert in a door is typically called a "door lite" in the trade.This section refers to the name of door lite mfg.'s  such as RSL , Therma-Tru and Advisar (Masonite)

The RSL lites are only available in Plastpro brand fiberglass doors.Many styles are in-stock and readily available in 2 - 4 weeks.

Any RSL  rectangular door lite can be Special ordered as impact - resistant....Round, curved or oval designs are not available in Impact glass.... rectangular only.

Therma Tru manufactures their own brand of door litesas does Advisar.

Plastpro Fiberglass Doors are also available with TRILENNIUM multi-point locking hardware manufactured by ENDURA.

Therma Tru and Advisar fiberglass impact doors are available Pre-Finished in seven stain finishes including split finish. Therma Tru fiberglass impact doors are offered in the Classic - Craft Series featuring authentic wood grain look of Mahogany and well as the Therma Tru Fiber -  Classic Series in Mahogany & Oak and the new Canvas Series Collection smooth paintable surface.

Many of these impact  door lites are available in speciality glass such as: Bevel cluster, hammered glass, wrought iron inserts, crystal caming, granite glass, pebble glass, chord glass, frosted glass, rain glass, prism glass, glacier glass, baroque glass, seedy glass, reeded glass.

Caming is available in black, zink, white, and brass.

Impact "Turtle Glass" protects turtle hatchlings in coastal areas by limiting light transmission.   . 

Specialty Impact Doors

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The RSL  "U - Design"  Custom Glass Door Lite requires a special quotation . Not all styles are available and there are some size restrictions.. Contact us for a special quote.

The Doggy / Pet Door (RSL) Is not available in Impact - resistant .

The BERMUDA Door (ETI Eurotech) gives the illusion of a single French Dr. with a single sidelite when in actuality it is a double door with different size offset panels.



Privacy Glass / Cabana Doors / Obscure Glass - Impact Doors

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There are several types & patterns of OBSCURE GLASS, or PRIVACY GLASS that are excellent for use in Cabana Bath Doors , Laundry Room Doors, Side Garage Doors.... Any areas where daylight is preferred but privacy is a must. You may also find that our door with Mini-Blinds between the glass as another option (also shown in the next section).

For ENTRY DOORS with Privacy or Obscure Glass, consider the New MODERN DOOR COLLECTION from PLASTPRO which features RSL 7"' X 64" vertical door lites in Sable Glass, ROOFTOP GLASS, RAIN GLASS and FROSTED LowE GLASS.Very Cool....

We have samples of all types of privacy & obscure glass in our showroom. 

Mini Blinds / Grilles Between Glass - Impact Doors

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Mini Blinds between the glass. These doors are Laminated - Insulated Impact door lites .The Mini Blinds are between the glass enabling you to vary the amount of daylight or close completely and have total darkness. You can also pull the blind completely up and out of the way. The Mini-Blind has a Lifetime Warranty.

We have full size displays showing mini-blinds between the glass in our showroom.

Ventilating Impact Doors (Miami Slide Impact Doors)

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Before the Hurricane Codes,Ventilating doors (doors with a small window that slides up & down) used to be called "Miami Slide Doors". Now they are referred to as "WINDSERT DOORS". Now in our SHOWROOM ... Full Size Display.

We offer three different offerings from three different manufactures.

Ventilating lite doors with a half, three-quarter or full-size venting door lites called "Windsert" available in Plastpro Fiberglass Doors.

The "Tradewinds Door" from ETI (Eurotech Industries) has the ventilating lite in the bottom halfand fixed glass in the top half.

The  K-2 Breeze Door  from  SM I has the top half ventilating with the option of fixed glass or a solid aluminum panel in the bottom half.

Bi- Folding / Acordian Patio Impact Doors

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Hardware Options for Fiberglass Impact Doors

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TRILENNIUM MULTI-POINT HARDWARE for Plastpro Fiberglass Impact Doors

We have a full selection of door hardware in our showroom.

Press Releases

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News bullitins and press releases from manufactures and distributors of hurricane impact resistant windows & doors.